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Specifications for Elevator Machine Room

Specifications for Elevator Machine Room

1, The elevator machine room should be neat enough and equipped with weatherproof door and windows. The room door is supposed to be marked with “Machine Room, Staff Only”. And the alleys to the room shall be safely accessible. There should not be any equipment or facilities unrelated to the elevator;

2, The power panel and power switches in the machine room should be in line with the requirements of the specifications. Furthermore, they should be properly and securely installed and perfectly marked. The cable trunking in the machine room should be appropriately and normative laid;

3, The power lines and control lines should be isolated from the cable trunking, and their corners should be padded;

4, The room ventilation should be good enough, and the indoor temperature should be maintained between 5 to 40 degrees. The room should be equipped with fixed electrical lighting appliances, and the intensity of illumination should be no less than 200LX;

5, There should be emergency equipment and its instructions in the machine room;

6, The channel between the elevator well and the machine room, the leveling mark on the pull rope, the marks of elevator operating direction should conform to the standard requirements;

7, The control cabinet should be correctly installed, and its inner cable distribution should be proper and appropriate;

8, The room should be equipped with necessary firefighting equipment.

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