Elevator Tractor,Gearless Traction Machine Motor

Elevator Traction Machine


DC180G Traction Machine

DC180G Elevator Traction Motor, Lift Tractor Machine

Traction ratio: 2:1 steel belt  suspension
Brake opening: DC200V / DC1.0A
Brake holding: DC90V / DC0.45A

DC180G steel belt strip elevator traction machine
DC180G elevator tractor motor drawing

Technical parameter:

Rated load kg Rated speed m/s Rated torque N.m Rated power kw Rated current A Rated voltage v Rev (r/min) Rated frequency Hz Back emf V Diameter mm Groove mm Groove spacing mm Max. shaft load kg
250 0.25 42 0.42 1.0 380 94 23.5 255 Φ100 2*30 55.5 3700
0.4 0.68 1.4 152 38 275
0.5 0.84 1.8 190 47.5 280
320 0.25 54 0.6 1.3 94 23.5 245
0.4 0.9 1.9 152 38 265
0.5 1.1 2.3 190 47.5 275
400 0.25 67 0.7 1.7 94 23.5 230
0.4 1.1 2.5 152 38 250
0.5 1.4 3.0 190 47.5 265

General Notes
The gearless traction machine are designed and constructed as lifting devices for lifts and hoists and respect the various sector standards. Any other use is to be considered improper. They cannot be used in systems with characteristics that are different to those agreed upon in the order (e.g. carrying capacity, velocity, etc.) Qualified and competent personnel must carry out all tests, inspections or manoeuvres that many be necessary in accordance with the current standards.

The brake has been designed in conformance with the specific requests of the EN81-1 standard. This device is therefore usable as a brake to slow down the car in combination with a suitable speed governor in the case of excessive velocity in the rising direction.

Emergency Manoeuvre
The emergency manoeuvre must be made by an independent electrical device, which is capable of opening the brake and moving the gearless motor at a reduced velocity. It is possible to exploit the characteristics of the synchronous motor as it can slow down the car when the phases are put into short circuit. This system has some load limits and it is therefore necessary to observe several precautions. Derun can provide the information necessary to apply the aforementioned solution upon request.

Traction Machine Project

630kgs 1.0M/S MRL observation elevator
The machine model is DC180G steel belt lift traction machine

DC180G steel belt strip elevator traction machine DC180G steel belt lift traction motor steel belt lift traction motor Steel belt elevator traction motor


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