Elevator Tractor,Gearless Traction Machine Motor

Elevator Traction Machine

elevator door detector one year warranty

One Year Warranty

Offer one year quality warranty against defects in workmanship and the quality of traction machine product.

the best quality elevator door detector

Best Quality

Using Mazak milling composite center, Nittoku automatic winding machine,and academic qualifications skills

lowest price elevator door detector

Cheap Price

SUNNY series is much cheap then KONE motor, but it can replace KONE perfectly,more high quality then KONE

fast delivery elevator light curtain

Fast Delivery

Finish the elevator traction machine within 15days,and convenient to send to the Shanghai or Ningbo port.

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elevator traction machine factoryWe have a high academic qualifications, professional skills and strong experienced management team, we invested 50 million yuan to introduce Mazak milling composite center, Nittoku automatic winding machine, Murata high-speed presses and other sophisticated production equipment. Our company commit to technology innovation and new product development for long term. We sincere cooperate with elevator experts in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and also from elevator industry to ensure our elevator traction machine motor with core competitiveness.

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